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Welcome to Shoreshim Jewish Community

The Shoreshim Spring Fling!

We did it! We made it through the winter
and now we’re greeting spring
with a new series of entertaining and educational events.

We’re staying connected via Zoom and welcome you at an upcoming event.
Feel free to call or email for details.

Upcoming Events (* are part of the Spring Fling)

May 14, 6:30-8:30pm – Graduation, Shavuot and Shabbat Service
June 6, 10am – Annual Meeting (members only)

You can “meet” the community on the Reston Shoreshim YouTube Channel.

Join the Kids Culture Club every Monday at 12:30pm for a celebration of our Jewish heritage.

Elementary school-age kids and parents are invited to join Shoreshim Kids Culture Club zoom meetings, at no cost, every Monday at 12:30 pm to explore Jewish culture with songs and creative projects. Find out more by visiting our Jewish Learning Page.
Call us at 571-445-0563 OR email for Zoom details.

For our celebration of Lag B’Omer, we used a recipe for Campfire Bread on a Stick that you can try it at home.

Let's Get Cooking!

Some say food is love. Well, we love food.
Tasty treats are a basic element of many Shoreshim events and our community has a number of fine cooks willing to share their best recipes.
Check out the Shoreshim Recipe Corner.

We met - in person! - for Lag B'Omer

A great time was had by all at our first in-person event in a gazillion lifetimes! Meeting outdoors on a beautiful Saturday, we toasted marshmallows for S’mores and played a trivia game about Lag B’Omer. We bumped elbows and patted backs, some fully vaccinated folks even hugged!
(Shoreshim Members – log in to the Members Only section to see more pics.)

We had a great Book Discussion!

The first of Shoreshim Jewish Community’s Spring Fling events took place Thursday, April 29th.
We had a book discussion, via Zoom, with Stephanie Miller author of “ZERO WASTE LIVING.”
Stephanie shared how we, as individuals, can help reverse the climate and waste crises by focusing on food use, purging plastics, and recycling right.

We’ll be adding highlights of the discussion to our YouTube channel soon, so check back!

What Shoreshim is about...

Shoreshim is a “shul without walls,” a vibrant and friendly havurah – a group of Jews who gather to facilitate Shabbat and holiday prayer services, and to share communal experiences. We are a participatory community that crafts creative and spiritual activities led by members or by area Rabbis with whom we work closely. By choice, we do not own a building and, for over 40 years, have met at venues in the Reston area.

Our members live in Northern Virginia and come from a wide range of Jewish traditions – Orthodox, conservative, Reform, Nontheistic, Humanistic. Our membership includes those raised as Jews, Jews by choice, and interfaith families.  We are open to all who want to connect with Judaism, including traditional families, couples, individuals, and people of all gender identifications.

Shoreshim means ROOTS

Our deeply rooted Jewish values include:
Chesed – caring, kindness
Kahilla – community
Tzedakkah – social justice
Tikun Olam – a responsibility to help heal the world in which we live

Let's Be Social!