February Yahrzeits

We join you in remembering your loved one on the day of their Yahrzeit.

February 7 - Claire Horowitz,  Mother of Barbara Brickel
February 7 - Lee Baruch, Mother of Eileen Harahan
February 23 - Benjamin Finkelstein, Father of Amy Joyce

May their memory serve as an inspiration and comfort.



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Welcome to Shoreshim Jewish Community

celebrating our 46th year!

The High Holidays are coming and, as ever,
Shoreshim is honored to offer free, in-person services to the community.
Click here to learn more.

Friday, Sept. 15, 7:30pm – Erev Rosh Hashanah Service; Oneg to follow
Saturday, Sept. 16, 10am – Rosh Hashanah Day Service
Sunday, Sept. 24, 7:30pm – Kol Nidre Service
Monday, Sept. 25, 10am – Yom Kippur Day Service
Monday, Sept. 25, 6:30pm – Break Fast

If you would like to join us – or learn more about our services –
please do any one of the following:

1. fill out this brief form
2. call and leave a message at 703-493-1114
3. email  us at info@restonshoreshim.org
Someone will get back to you soon and fill you in on the details!


Shoreshim means ROOTS

Our deeply rooted Jewish values include:
Chesed – caring, kindness
Kahilla – community
Tzedakkah – social justice
Tikun Olam – a responsibility to help heal the world in which we live

We have a list of Frequently Asked Questions to introduce you to our community.
Click here for the FAQs

If you have just two minutes, this video from the lovely people at Cornerstones, the faith-based group serving our local community, describes how the organization works to help vulnerable families, with contributions from the Shoreshim congregation. We’re so proud to be a part of their activities!

Friday, August 25, 5:30pm – Shabbat Service and Pot Luck Picnic

We’re planning lots of events for the rest of 2023, including Book Club, Movie Club, and cultural field trips.
If you are interested in attending, or would like additional information about Reston Shoreshim, please call us at 703-493-1114 or send an email to info@restonshoreshim.org.

Our Annual Community One-day Retreat was a Great Time

The Shoreshim retreat was held at the Clagget center in Adamstown, MD once again this year, on April 29. Rabbi Ben Shalva led us in morning prayer and surprised us with scandalous 10th and 11th century poems on the topic, “Love, Sex, and Death – Hebrew Poetry from the Spanish Golden Age.”  Needless to say, we will be talking about the poem of Moses Ibn Ezra (1055-1135) for years to come!
We shared walks, meals, games, and even a Jewish silent auction! The auction was run by the other Jewish community retreat happening at the Clagett Center that weekend. What a surprise!  Meeting up with old friends truly rounded out a wonderful, sunny day!

What Shoreshim is about...

Shoreshim is a “shul without walls,” a vibrant and friendly havurah – a group of Jews who gather to facilitate Shabbat and holiday prayer services, and to share communal experiences. We are a participatory community that crafts creative and spiritual activities led by members or by area Rabbis with whom we work closely. By choice, we do not own a building and, for over 40 years, have met at venues in the Reston area.

Our members live in Northern Virginia and come from a wide range of Jewish traditions – Orthodox, conservative, Reform, Nontheistic, Humanistic. Our membership includes those raised as Jews, Jews by choice, and interfaith families.  We are open to all who want to connect with Judaism, including traditional families, couples, individuals, and people of all gender identifications.

Let's Get Cooking!

Some say food is love. Well, we love food.
Tasty treats are a basic element of many Shoreshim events and our community has a number of fine cooks willing to share their best recipes.
Check out the Shoreshim Recipe Corner.