Shoreshim is a participatory community where we work together to plan and host programs related to Jewish life, values, and, of course, our roots!  Some events are traditional, led by a Rabbi hired for the occasion. Others are more personal and creative such as “Tzedakah shabbats” or our festive Sukkot celebration.

Each adult member is required to serve on two committees per year, which is a great way to meet other members and feel a part of the greater community.

Are you willing to dress up like Queen Esther for Purim?  Can you fry up potato latkes that rival Bubbe’s? Whether you’d like to help plan a Shabbat or would enjoy working on an inspirational Kol Nidre service, there’s a gratifying way to become involved with Shoreshim!


Annual membership dues are $325 per adult.

Our Membership Board members, Jane Hull and Susie Schmuckler, are happy to answer your questions about Shoreshim.  We can be contacted at

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