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When you’ve been around as long as Shoreshim, you collect a lot of things!
Consider this our web site’s “attic,” where we keep the boxes of old documents, forms, and other stuff that we may not want to have cluttering up the site, but may want to access sometime in the future.
Happily, these are not dusty old boxes, but easily clickable links to the files you might want.

Let us know if there’s something you’re looking for that you can’t find.
We’ll be adding new – that is, OLD! – things as we find them.

Good times! We met in person for Lag B’Omer!

Purim Fun - Guess Who?!

We had a great time at the November Retreat!

On November 14, Shoreshim held the first in-person gathering since the pandemic shut everything down in March.  It was amazing that so many members came together outside of the Lake House in Reston. It was just wonderful to see everyone, even though we all wore masks and had trouble hearing due to constant leaf blowing around the lake!  We were so lucky to have a beautiful, if chilly, Saturday morning. The discussions were lively and informative. I think everyone loved being together in person and having an opportunity to connect and share our views.
Next year in person, vaccinated, at the retreat!
[As told by Pamela Light]

Meet (some) Members

We often ask new members to write a little something to introduce themselves to the community. Click the title above to see such statements from years past.

If you’re a member who’d like to add a little biographical information to this area, we’d be happy to post it. Please send your copy to

Looking back at our virtual Yom Kippur...

A Simple Gesture in the News!

The bi-monthly food collection program started by Shoreshim in 2015 provides food to our local pantries in a manner that makes it easy for everyone to participate. CLICK HERE to read about it in this recent article from Reston Patch. And for more information about the program, visit

We salute our 2021 graduates! See what they’re planning for their next steps.

There was a Zoom virtual celebration for our graduates in June 2020. You can see their photos and find out more about their future plans here.