Community Events

The Shoreshim Jewish Community strongly values fellowship, spirituality, member participation, openness, acceptance and active learning. Our regularly scheduled events strive to enhance these values.
The organization and early planning of events is handled by the Shoreshim Board of Directors. A calendar – populated by the High Holiday services, monthly Shabbat services, and holiday celebrations – is prepared during the prior year.
All able members are expected to play a part in helping to organize and attend several events on the annual calendar. This spirit of positive participation is what makes the Shoreshim Jewish Community so special.

Shabbat Services

Our monthly Shabbat services, often combined with potluck dinners, are frequently led by freelance rabbis. These services include music, member participation, and children-specific activities when our school is involved.

High Holiday Services

Shoreshim’s popular High Holiday Services are open and free to the surrounding community, and attract many non-affiliated Jews. Our lay-oriented prayer book (Makhzor) for the High Holiday services was compiled and edited by one of our members.

Community Retreat

An annual Community Retreat has been a beloved Shoreshim tradition for the past forty years. Shoreshim members and their families take time from our over-scheduled lives and head to the woods for community building, fun, and personal renewal. The pastoral setting allows members to reconnect and get to know new members better through sharing meals, informal hikes, organized discussion programs, Shabbat services, and more. Our youngest members especially enjoy the freedom to play with friends and explore nature.

Other Activities

Other activities and events organized by Shoreshim members include Torah Study groups, book discussions, adult study programs, and even the occasional out-of-town road trip to visit noteworthy Jewish museums and art galleries. Our popular “Chai Dinners” are scheduled throughout the year and are a chance to experience new restaurants or return to old favorites while enjoying the company of other members.