Shoreshim's Groups

There are many opportunities to gather, learn, and have fun as a member of Shoreshim.

We have groups that meet to play games, read books, perform community service, and just enjoy each other’s company.

If you have an idea for a Shoreshim group, we’d love it hear it.

Book Club

An informal group of 10-12 individuals, both men and women, meets every six to eight weeks on Tuesday evenings, via Zoom. The books chosen alternate between fiction and nonfiction and are not necessarily Jewish-themed.  Schmoozing included! We are an informal group; discussion is always open and it propels itself. As a group, we choose the next book and the time frame.
To hear more about the Book Club, contact Liz Sedaghatfar (

Movie Club

The Shoreshim Movie Club is a chance for film-loving members to get together (virtually, at present) to discuss films of interest to the community. The chosen film is viewed at home, by members on their own schedule. Frequently, you may have to rent a film for a modest cost. The Club then meets as a group via Zoom for discussion, which usually runs in the evening from 7:30-9pm(ish).  One person volunteers to guide the discussion. Usually, only Shoreshim members participate, but occasional exceptions are considered.  Teens, college students, or adult children are also encouraged to join.

If you would like to join the group, or if you have any questions, please send an email to

Cultural Committee

The summer of 2024 was made more fun – and tasty, too – when the Shoreshim Cultural Committee organized a trip to the Jewish Museum for members to see an exhibit about Jewish delis and tour the permanent collection. It’s just one of the entertaining and informative events the committee has been treating our members to.

Mah Jong Club

Our Mah Jongg group (we just call it “Mahj”) started around 2014 when a few members that already knew how to play this lovely game of skill and luck offered to teach other curious members. Our Mahj group is very supportive, never plays for money, and loves hearing the click and clack of the beguiling tiles. Our active members meet from one to three times a month in our homes for stimulation, challenge, and friendship. And they are always willing to teach new participants the magic of Mahj!
If you’d like to learn more, please email

Kol Nudniks

The Kol Nidre is a deeply moving part of the High Holidays. Chanted three times, it builds to an emotional and spiritual climax which leads directly into the Erev Yom Kippur Service. Our cantor, Kari Uman, leads the Kol Nidre, accompanied by our long-standing choir, the Kol Nudniks. The Kol Nudniks are Shoreshim member and non-member singers who are willing to learn the music and rehearse in the weeks leading up to the High Holidays. We are always seeking additional Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, and Baritones, so come add your voice!

For more about the Kol Nudniks, contact Kari Uman,