Welcome to Shoreshim Jewish Community

Friday, November 18, 6:30 pm – Shabbat Gathering and Potluck Dinner
Sunday, December 18, 5pm – Chanukah Celebration

And there will be many more events in 2023! If you are interested in attending, or would like additional information about Reston Shoreshim, please call us at 703-493-1114 or send an email to info@restonshoreshim.org.

This year’s High Holiday services were open to the public in person and online.
We were happy to meet in person in Reston by following safety protocols, reuniting with old friends, and making new ones.

Videos will be available soon on Reston Shoreshim’s YouTube channel. (2021 services are there now)

It truly felt like a family reunion for the 17 attendees at the Saturday, April 30, Shoreshim Retreat! This was our first opportunity to be physically together as a Shoreshim group since Covid joined our everyday public health vocabulary two plus years ago. The relatively small number of those who RSVP’d to come turned out just fine; everyone had time to reconnect and catch up with members, and to share time together.

The weather for this year’s Retreat was delightful; Rabbi Shalva was in fine form leading us in a wonderful two hour program full of music, reflection, good conversation and learning; the Claggett Conference Center was very accommodating, and the collective mood perfect.

Following the lovely Shabbat service and morning program and lunch, there was ample free time for a long hike—enjoyed by 8 of the group— and extended schmoozing and some napping enjoyed by others. We closed the day together with dinner and a Havdalah Service.

Here’s to another retreat next year, and more in-person meetings to come soon!






We believe in “tzedakah,” the obligation to do what is right and just.

We are donating to the World Central Kitchen, which is providing hot meals to those in war-torn Ukraine, and encourage you to learn more about this great organization.

And we look to aid the refugees who’ve left Afghanistan as they try to find a new life in our immigrant-rich nation.
Click here for a list of organizations that offer opportunities to help.

Let's Be Social!

What Shoreshim is about...

Shoreshim is a “shul without walls,” a vibrant and friendly havurah – a group of Jews who gather to facilitate Shabbat and holiday prayer services, and to share communal experiences. We are a participatory community that crafts creative and spiritual activities led by members or by area Rabbis with whom we work closely. By choice, we do not own a building and, for over 40 years, have met at venues in the Reston area.

Our members live in Northern Virginia and come from a wide range of Jewish traditions – Orthodox, conservative, Reform, Nontheistic, Humanistic. Our membership includes those raised as Jews, Jews by choice, and interfaith families.  We are open to all who want to connect with Judaism, including traditional families, couples, individuals, and people of all gender identifications.

Congratulations, Rabbi Ben Shalva!

Rabbi Benjamin Shalva serves as a resource for Shoreshim Jewish Community, leading us in prayer and discussion during some of our Shabbat services, holidays and other events.
Rabbi Ben recently won first place in the written word category of Hazon’s Shmita Prizes Art Competition.Hazon is a Jewish environmental group working to create a better world and its competition recognize artworks that explore Shmita values in contemporary life. Rooted in agricultural and economic systems, Shmita is the sabbath (7th) year in the agricultural cycle when the land is allowed to rest, debts are forgiven and food storage is redistributed to all.

If you would like to learn more about Rabbi Ben’s award, here’s a link to a digital copy of the Baltimore Times magazine, which covered the news.

Let's Get Cooking!

Some say food is love. Well, we love food.
Tasty treats are a basic element of many Shoreshim events and our community has a number of fine cooks willing to share their best recipes.
Check out the Shoreshim Recipe Corner.

Shoreshim means ROOTS

Our deeply rooted Jewish values include:
Chesed – caring, kindness
Kahilla – community
Tzedakkah – social justice
Tikun Olam – a responsibility to help heal the world in which we live